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Fifth Circuit: Merely Alleging “Property Damage” Doesn’t Trigger Duty To Defend

The Fifth Circuit, applying Texas law, recently considered whether certain alleged damages qualified as “property damage” for the purpose of a general liability policy. In PPI Technology Services, L.P. v. Liberty Mutual Insurance Co., Royal Production Company, Inc. retained the … Continue reading

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Again, the “Re” Part of Reinsurance is Important

If you’re not an insurer, can you buy reinsurance?  “No” would seem to be the simple answer.  OK, what if you sell a stop-loss policy to a self-funded benefit plan?  The benefit plan is kind of like an insurer, so … Continue reading

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The “re” part of “reinsurance” is kind of important

This one caught my eye because it’s a novel argument.  Also, a lot of the underlying case happened in Texas, and since I’m originally from Texas (and also a Texas lawyer), I had to share it.  But more enough about … Continue reading

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Texas Becomes Second State to Adopt (Most) of NAIC’s Amended Model Insurance Holding Company Act

Take that, West Virginia.  Texas has become the second state to adopt much of the NAIC’s Amended Model Insurance Holding Company Act.  We’ll continue to follow and report on these developments.

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