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The “re” part of “reinsurance” is kind of important

This one caught my eye because it’s a novel argument.  Also, a lot of the underlying case happened in Texas, and since I’m originally from Texas (and also a Texas lawyer), I had to share it.  But more enough about … Continue reading

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Indiana’s Reduced Collateral Requirements for Reinsurers

Borrowing from Chevy Chase, Indiana is still one of a handful of states–8 actually–that have enacted reduced collateral requirements for reinsurers.  This happened back in April 2011 and affects life and property and casualty lines.  In a nutshell, for reinsurers … Continue reading

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Every Picture Tells A Story, Don’t It?

I’m a huge fan of graphics in pleadings.  Why go on for page after page explaining a concept when a simple picture can do it for you?  The Indiana Court of Appeals recently did just that in WellPoint, Inc. v. … Continue reading

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