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Seventh Circuit: Remember, Service-of-Suit Clauses Can Keep You Out of Federal Court

I know, I know. It’s been forever since I’ve posted, and I’m not even going to bother making excuses. So, here goes with the first case update… Last month, the Seventh Circuit held that a reinsurance agreement’s service-of-suit clause barred … Continue reading

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Federal Insurance Office Releases Report on Global Reinsurance Market

Back in December, the Federal Insurance Office released its first report on the global reinsurance market, creatively titled “The Breadth and Scope of the Global Reinsurance Market and the Critical Role Such Market Plays in Supporting Insurance in the United … Continue reading

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Indiana Court of Appeals: “Professional Services” Does Not Include Conspiracy, RICO Claims

Last month, the Indiana Court of Appeals held that “professional services” coverage under a health insurer’s errors-and-omissions reinsurance policies did not apply to claims for conspiracy, RICO, tortious interference, conversion, bad faith, and unfair trade practices. (So why is this … Continue reading

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Again, the “Re” Part of Reinsurance is Important

If you’re not an insurer, can you buy reinsurance?  “No” would seem to be the simple answer.  OK, what if you sell a stop-loss policy to a self-funded benefit plan?  The benefit plan is kind of like an insurer, so … Continue reading

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Indiana Is Again One of the Leaders When It Comes to Credit for Reinsurance

As we’ve previously reported (see our prior post here), in 2011, Indiana joined Florida and New Jersey to become among the first states to enact legislation adopting the NAIC’s Credit for Reinsurance Model Law.  On March 15, 2012–the Ides of … Continue reading

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Federal Court Orders Production of Loss Reserve and Reinsurance Information

Parties in insurance disputes sometimes seek production of information regarding loss reserves and reinsurance.  But when should such information be produced?  The Western District of Washington recently addressed this issue in Isilon Systems, Inc. v. Twin City Fire Ins. Co., … Continue reading

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NAIC Adopts Ratings-Based Framework For Reinsurance Collateral

Don’t get me started on ratings.  “Arrested Development” was cancelled due to poor ratings, yet “Two-and-a-Half Men”–one of the worst shows ever–gets great ratings.  I will never be OK with that. But I’m actually OK with this:  The NAIC’s Financial … Continue reading

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The “re” part of “reinsurance” is kind of important

This one caught my eye because it’s a novel argument.  Also, a lot of the underlying case happened in Texas, and since I’m originally from Texas (and also a Texas lawyer), I had to share it.  But more enough about … Continue reading

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Indiana’s Reduced Collateral Requirements for Reinsurers

Borrowing from Chevy Chase, Indiana is still one of a handful of states–8 actually–that have enacted reduced collateral requirements for reinsurers.  This happened back in April 2011 and affects life and property and casualty lines.  In a nutshell, for reinsurers … Continue reading

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Every Picture Tells A Story, Don’t It?

I’m a huge fan of graphics in pleadings.  Why go on for page after page explaining a concept when a simple picture can do it for you?  The Indiana Court of Appeals recently did just that in WellPoint, Inc. v. … Continue reading

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