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If You Want to Arbitrate, You Should Probably Be Able to Prove an Arbitration Agreement Exists

Look, I get it.  For large companies, it’s impossible to keep copies of every document sent to customers.  Instead, you keep records of what was sent when, along with sample copies.  That’s much easier and cheaper than keeping copies of … Continue reading

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Sometimes You Don’t Have to Arbitrate After All

One of the more frustrating issues concerning arbitration is the extent to which parties that did not sign an arbitration agreement can be compelled to arbitrate anyway.  It sometimes seems that courts will bend over backwards to find ways to … Continue reading

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The Second Circuit Sidesteps Stolt-Nielsen

SPOILER ALERT!  This post has a twist:  it doesn’t concern an insurance case at all.  (M. Night Shyamalan would be proud.)  But it does concern interpretation of an arbitration agreement–something important to insurers and reinsurers alike. In Jock v. Sterling … Continue reading

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