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Settling Without Your Insurer’s Consent is Like Flushing Money Down the Toilet

Many insurance policies require the insured to obtain the insurer’s consent before settling a claim or making any payments for a claim.  That’s just basic insurance stuff.  So, too, is the concept that, if you have a claim asserted against … Continue reading

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Ninth Circuit Expands Insurers’ Duty to Settle

California insurers are going to have to become much more proactive in seeking settlements, thanks to the Ninth Circuit’s decision in Du v. Allstate Ins. Co. Here’s the background story:  Yang Fang Du was injured in a car accident, in … Continue reading

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Sixth Circuit Bars Non-Settling Insurers from Seeking Equitable Contribution from Settling Insurers

When you’re done, you’re done…at least in Ohio.  The Sixth Circuit recently held that a settlement exhausts the settling insurer’s policy and precludes non-settling insurers from seeking equitable contribution. In OneBeacon Am. Ins. Co. v. Am. Motorists Ins. Co., B.F. … Continue reading

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