Indiana Serious About Health Rates

Our recent experience with the Indiana Department of Insurance on behalf of several prominent health insurers makes clear that the department is taking health insurance rate review very seriously.  In addition to retaining a prominent firm to provide actuarial review to the department, it has been steadfast in its commitment to review and approve all health insurance rates since October 2010.  The department is paying particular attention to underlying data purportedly supporting a rate increase and generally following a 10% rule, i.e., if the rate increase exceeds 10%, it is likely suspect.  All portions of a rate increase are considered as a whole.  Trend plus other factors may not be separated and utilized as a means to circumvent an argument over the percentage of increase.

About Dan Seitz

Dan Seitz is a partner, member of the firm’s Health Care Group, member of the Business Services Group and former managing principal of the firm’s public affairs ancillary businesses, Bose Public Affairs Group LLC and Bose Ping Government Strategies LLC. He was formerly vice president of governmental relations for Lincoln National Corporation based in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Mr. Seitz has worked in the Indiana legislature and with Indiana regulatory agencies since the early 1970s with particular emphasis on health policy and insurance transactional and compliance matters.
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